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Performing tasks on Phase Freelance is free and easy. It is straight forward, however, Freelance Managers are always there to help. Phase Freelance also offer job opportunities either part time or full time. You can earn up to $3000 working with us.

Make money online from your home and monetize your activities, hubbies or skills. Get freelance activities to perform and get paid for them. Welcome to Phase Freelance.

In A glance

Phase Freelance®  is a registered Trademark of Phase Technology Limited (Company House- 02846944). We create a network of Freelancers who are willing to perform these activities.

Activity advertisers pay us to get virtual activities completed, and we pay freelancers to get these activities completed. We reach a number of freelancers to help them complete certain tasks, we then pay freelancers who are willing to perform these tasks. As simple as that.

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KEY Benefits

Skills Monetization

As a freelancer, you Get paid for your general activities and duties performed. Whether it is, posting ads, proof reading and many more, you get paid for the littlest job performed. Showcase your beautiful skill, be it Website Designing, App development, Logo Creation, Animation Design, and lots more. Connect with your Freelance Manager.

Getting Paid

With Phase Freelance, freelancers have no problem of being paid. There are several methods to receive payment, you choose which suits and is comfortable for you.

Personalized Support 24/7

We are always available and ready to help. You need not worry, there is always a real representative ready to help you. Whatever questions you may have, we are ready to answer them. If you need help navigating through Phase Freelance, feel free to connect us via Live Chat, or send us an email.

Vetted Freelancer

Apart of being just a freelancer that performs activities, Freelancers are offered positions to work with Phase Freelance and its affiliate companies. If freelancers choose to work full time or part time with Phase Freelance to earn up to $5000, such freelancer becomes a Vetted Freelancer and is recommended by Phase Freelance and is given support when intended to work with affiliated companies.

Freelance Manager/ Consultant

The Idea of Freelance Managers bring with it peace and comfort. A Freelance Manager serves as a representative of yours, and helps you develop yourself and scale through phases of your Freelance Journey. If requested by a freelancer, a Freelance Manager is assigned to him or her. This is one of our key strength in Phase Freelance, the ability to help our freelancers, without having to spend extra cost on a Life Coach


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One of  the best things about Phase Freelance is the ease of getting round it. When I started, it seemed a bit weird, but with the help of support, I am able to navigate easily. I have earned a lot through Phase Freelance. My life has changed drastically being a freelancer with Phase Freelance.

phase freelance testimony
Elizabeth Powel

One thing I will point out is that Phase Freelance provides support all the way. I like the fact I can always go head on to chat with  a Freelancer Manager. In addition Phase Freelance is a very transparent company.

phase freelance testimony
John Paddy
Vetted Freelancer (Proof Reader)

When I started as a freelancer, it was a bit difficult, because the gig community was already filled with numerous skills. Then I joined Phase Freelance, it was easy for me because I had a Freelance Manager.

phase freelance testimony
Silver James
Vetted Freelancer (App Developer)

I chose to be a Vetted Freelancer, and began to work with Phase Freelance, and I always get recommended to perform jobs for it's affiliates. This has really improved my lifestyle as I make more money now.

phase freelance testimony
Noah Padilla
Vetted Freelancer (Virtual Assistant)

I go for freelancing because of the ease and flexibility of work. Getting paid isn't a problem in Phase Freelancing (what I love the most)

phase freelance testimony
Baker Kent
Freelancer (Ad Poster)

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