About Us

Innovation and Specification. Phase Freelance has utilized the worlds platform of working online. 

Other bodies pay Phase Freelance to get activities completed. For example surveys, ghost writing, adverts, data entry and many more.


Note the below parties:

Employers are Companies or Individuals who come to (pay) Phase Freelance to get activities completed on their behalf.

Freelancers in Phase Freelance are individuals who desire to get paid online for activities they complete. 

When an external body communes with Phase Freelance to get activities completed, we confirm the authenticity of such activity before distributing it to Freelancers on the platform.

Freelancers are able to get activities specified based on their interests through a Freelance Manager who is usually available to any registered freelancer.

What Phase Freelance has been able to achieve is that anyone can earn online, and doesn’t need to have specific skills to register. Freelancers can earn based on their interests, hobbies, and in some cases skills they have been able to accumulate, which is optional. They are connected to possible activities they can perform through FREELANCE MANAGERS. (Read below to know who a Freelance Manager is)

Phase Freelance is a registered trademark of Phase Technology Limited (Company Number- 02846944).




To be the number one source of income to Freelancers and the number one source for talent acquisition in the world.



To create income opportunities for people to have better living standard.


Freelance Managers

A Freelance Manager in Phase Freelance is a person who is assigned to Freelancers, and assist you in having a smooth time in Phase Freelance. 

We employ the use of Freelance Managers, as they ensure that no freelancer is left out, they connect activities with your interest, ensure that you get paid and make sure every issue of yours (if there is any) is answered to immediately. They are like account managers.


Phase Freelance Values

  • Putting every member first
  • Provide verified members
  • Creating strong Alliance
  • Upliftment and Development of freelancers


Registered Office

SO23 8BN


Feel free to send us an email, contact us via our live chat option or use the form on the contact us page.