How it Works


What Type of Job/Tasks can I Find and Perform?

You can find about any kind of job/task that you can perform and monetize, ranging from answering surveys to designing websites. You can find jobs that suits your capability within the marketplace.

How do we have so many jobs?

Part of the users who visit our marketplace each day to get registered are employers, They come in to post jobs so they can get completed. These employer pay you to complete jobs. Phase Freelance also has its own tasks that freelancers engage themselves in to get paid for.

Just login and complete your profile and let us know your skill set or what you would like to do to get paid.

Region Based jobs and International Job/Tasks

Get jobs or tasks within a geographic region or internationally

Complete large jobs, small jobs, or any kind within

Whatever kind of job/task it is you want to perform. Feel free to contact your Freelance Manager to help guide you

Hourly pay or Fixed Price

Get paid all at once or hourly. Receive money when ever requested.

Specific skill or Tasks

Get paid for your skills offered, or perform in contests or tasks.

How Do I Get Started?

(1) Sign Up/ Login

  • After Signing up, Login to your Dashboard. 
  • Complete your profile
  • Get Verified, free, fast and easy. (KYC)

(2) Browse Jobs/ skills that you can perform.

There are a lot of jobs in the market place. Optimize your search through the use of filters. Feel free to contact your Freelance Manager to help link you.



(3)Key in to the job

After getting a job that you can perform, give it your best shot. You can also perform available tasks.  



(4) Get Paid

After delivering your service for jobs or tasks, get paid directly to your bank account without any hassle.