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“Refer your audience and make more money than the average user.”

It’s gladdening to know that a lot of registered freelancers and employers are referred by an existing user. It shows that our users are greatly benefiting from our market place. With the aim to continue growing and reach our vision, Phase Freelance has the options for freelancers to refer and earn more money. It is not a compulsory action. It is an option for registered members to make more money by referring their friends, family, colleague, or acquaintance.


Tell People about Phase Freelance

It's free to join Phase Freelance as a Freelancer or Employer...

Your Referred User Joins Phase Freelance

Once your referred user has freely opened an account with Phase Freelance, and has been connected with a Freelance Manager...


Once in contact with their Freelance Manager, they would fill a form on how they got to know freelance, once your username appears in the database, you will be credited...


Once you have been credited, you are able to receive your money into your bank account



Get help right away with any problem that is needed at any point in time



Easily make more money even without having to have performed any job in the market place


The higher the referrals gotten the higher the commissions.