Start Up

Phase Freelance offers incentives to individuals who are willing and able to start their businesses or plans for a particular project of group of projects.

Do you have an idea that you are trying to let out?

Do  you have a project that you want to embark on?

Do you want to start your business?



Becoming a Team

Many people have the ability to bring together a ground breaking idea or project. However, only a few people have the financial constraint to pull out their plans. This has been a limitation to a lot of persons, as well as businesses.

Businesses have had their chances to get started, but in the middle of the way, have fallen behind on cost, and is unable to continue with projects that was intended to be put in place. 


Phase Freelance offers the opportunity to be partners. For ideas, projects or business plans that might need sponsors, Phase Freelance provides resources for such.

For anyone to take part in this offer, such person should be a part of Phase Freelance, and a verified user. 

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Update: There has been an increase in the demand of loans and support from Phase Freelance. Please note, there might be a little delay in the processing of requests. But, rest assured, you will get responded to when a query is placed. Thank you. 

We will continue to make the community uplifted.

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